This week on your darling ZoneOut sessions we have a young talented artist signed to Gudtym Muzik aspiring to be the next best thing in the Naija music industry.?

beyouncemerger_blogFreemeTV ZoneOut Session is an opportunity for talented artistes to enjoy more exposure in the music industry.

‘Zone Out Sessions’ was created to provide a platform for upcoming artists to showcase their talent. ‘Zone Out Sessions’ lets artists promote and share their talent in order to get seen by more fans. As more and more artists emerge from the Music scene and try to carve out a space in the industry, the battleground is becoming less about raw talent and more about discoverability. With more music being created than ever before, and being released at a faster clip than ever before, ‘Zone Out Sessions’ is the programme that does the best job of introducing new artists that will rise above the fold.

For fans ‘Zone Out Sessions’ is a destination entertainment programme helping people discover new musical talent in their area and worldwide. Fans can endorse their favourite artists by liking and commenting on their ‘Zone Out Session’ and even share their videos to help others discover new talent.

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