A taskforce comprising experts from Accra has been set up to fight the menace of armyworms in the rice fields of Afife in the Ketu-North District of the Volta Region.

Mr Henry Ford Kamel, Volta Regional Minister told journalists in Ho on Thursday that the necessary insecticides and spray guns had been mobilised for the onslaught.

The Minister and the Deputy Regional Minister, Henry Ametefe led a team including officials of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to visit the devastated farms on Wednesday.

“I am glad help had come soonest to fight the destructive creatures,” Mr Kamel stated.

About 5,200 acres of rice farms in the district have been invaded by army worms causing massive destruction to the crops for the past five days.

The farms include 1,200- acre Afife Irrigation Project Farm and another 3,000 acres of rain fed private farms located in the Kpli Valley at Klenomadi.

A total of 2,524 agitated farmers risk losing their entire investment and livelihood.

Source: GNA


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