Adebiyi swindled Ambali out of N8,000

Officials of the Lagos State Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit,on Thursday,arrested one Samson Adebiyi for selling phones stuffed with ?fufu? to unsuspecting buyers at the Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos.

The 24-year-old suspect was apprehended following a set up by Semiu Ambali, whom he had earlier swindled.

Adebiyi confessed to the crime, andrevealedthatthere were numerouspeople selling fufu phones to unsuspecting buyers at Computer Village.

The perpetrators,who usually have several phones on them, do not have specific shopsat the Computer Village. They approach customersand display their phones,and when a potential buyer indicates interest, they bring out the particular phone the person wants to buy, test it with the battery to prove to the buyer that the phone is working, and thencreate a distraction and swap the phone with the one stuffed with fufu.

Ambali said he was shown the phone he wanted to buyat N8,000. According to him,the phone was tested and certified okay,but following a deliberate distraction from the seller, the phone was replaced with a fufu stuffed phone, which he discovered after he got home.

The victimsaid he came the next day and spent almost the whole day looking for the swindler. He caught up with him and decided to play the fool again,after informing the police. The state task forceofficers intervened, nabbed Adebiyi and took him to their office.

Adebiyi said he used to be a cobbler, but did not find the job lucrative and decided to engage in selling fake phones.

Bayo Sulaiman, the task force Chairman who confirmed the arrest, said the agency had been receiving complaints regarding the activities of syndicates selling fufu phones.

He added that his men raided Computer Village recently to stop street trading.

The suspect willbe charged to court to face the law.

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