As they hit church, media houses and a universityArticle | By Yinka Ojo

The recent wave of bomb blasts in the country has left more families bereaved and the government bereft of ideas on how to tackle the hydra-headed menace. The trend, which has been championed by the dreaded Islamist sect Boko-Haram, seems to be taking a worse and fiercer turn as it spreads to new territories and targets. Recent comments from the security sector point at a trend with political undertones.

The bombings and attacks were previously targeted primarily at government establishments, as the police, customs and even the United Nation had their share of the carnage. It was also restricted to Abuja and to a few states in the North Eastern region of the country. However, attacks in the last few days have shown that the sect or whoever is orchestrating the bombings have switched targets and are widening their reach.

This deduction comes following the recent bombings of ThisDay, a newspaper outfit, in Abuja and some other media bureau offices in Kaduna killing about 10 people. This was followed by the multiple blasts and gunfire that massacred about 20 Christian worshippers at the Bayero University, Kano on Sunday.

The air was still laden with mourning when another gory blast was reported in Jalingo, Taraba State, a previously safe territory. The Jalingo blast reportedly involved the convoy of the commissioner of police in the state. Taraba is an agrarian, Christian populated state in the North-Eastern part of the country. The state has produced some of the finest in the Nigerian Army. As at the time of compiling this report, another explosion has been aborted in Adamawa while Gombe burns under a second round of bomb attacks within a week.

Although most of the North Eastern states have been on the radar of Boko Haram at different points, the attack on Taraba State shows the sect is preparing to spread its tentacles to other territories and targets.

The Federal Government appears helpless to stem the continued loss of lives. Even the declaration of state of emergency in different troubled areas at different times failed to curb explosions, as the bombers remain insatiable.

The National Security Adviser, Rtd. General Azazi made a daring but eye-opening submission during the recently concluded South-South Economic summit when he blamed the spate of bombings on internal wrangling among the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP); an accusation that did not go down well with the presidency and the ruling party. Although Azazi did not state his source, we can safely assume that  as the national security adviser, he knows what he is saying.

The security environment in the country went from initial surprise at bombs going off, to unperturbed attitude due to the frequency of blasts, and now to fear and helplessness as bomber maraud the country with impunity.

With erstwhile peaceful Taraba added to the growing list of Boko Haram infested territories, there is no gainsaying that we have not seen the end of the bombings, as Nigeria remains gripped in the fear of where and who is next.

It may do good if the ruling party looks inward and calms all warring nerves, if Azazi was right.

Yinka Ojo

Yinka has taught at various levels of education. He has published a textbook on effective teaching practice and several academic papers in reputable journals. He is currently an education consultant. He loves writing, poetry, music and is presently working on a musical album billed to be released into the market soon. 

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