John Magufuli

The national chairman of Tanzania’s ruling party, President John Magufuli, on Friday urged the party to stop relying on a few wealthy individuals which he said was dangerous for its survival.

Magufuli said wealthy individuals who contributed colossal amounts of money to Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) were likely to incapacitate the party.


“Depending on wealthy individuals to fund the ruling party is very dangerous. They can dictate to the party to dance to their tunes,” Magufuli told over 1,700 district and regional leaders of the party at a meeting in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam.

“CCM should stop begging. The party has resources that could enable it to be independent,” he told the delegates in his address televised live by state-run Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation.

He said he will not allow CCM to depend on wealthy individuals as long as he was chairman of the party, saying CCM belonged to all Tanzanians, poor and rich, and not few rich individuals.

Shortly after he had taken over chairmanship of the ruling party in 2016, Magufuli promised to conduct an audit of all party projects to establish how they were run, how much they generated and how the money was being spent.

He wondered why CCM and its wings were complaining about financial difficulties while they had a lot of investments.

“This is a well-established party. How can we ask for assistance from well-wishers even during by-elections?” queried Magufuli.

He also wondered where all the money collected from CCM and its wing investments went to. Enditem


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