Tanzanian President John Magufuli on Friday warned refugees against involvement in criminal acts, chiefly poaching and armed robberies, saying those implicated will face the music.

Addressing a public rally in Tanganyika district in Katavi region during his working tour of southern highlands regions of Songwe, Rukwa and Katavi, Magufuli said: “There are refugees who are killing our elephants. There those who are engaged in armed robberies. They should stop at once before they face the full force of the law.”

In his address broadcast live by state-run Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation, the president said some of the refugees were waylaying buses with the intention of robbing passengers at gunpoint.

He directed defense and security organs to reinforce safety measures in regions resided by refugees, adding that these organs should ensure that refugees stayed in camps.

Magufuli also directed the Tanzania People’s Defense Forces to expand its Tanzanian central brigade based in Tabora region to Katavi region as among measures aimed at controlling refugees engaged in banditry.

Katavi and Tabora regions are hosting over 200,000 Burundian refugees in Katumba, Ulyankulu and Mishamo settlements who were granted citizenship in 2014.

In December 2007, the government of Tanzania announced its willingness to offer naturalization to former Burundian refugees in an effort to end protracted refugee situations in the country.

By 2014, the Tanzanian government in collaboration with the Burundian government and the UN refugee agency UNHCR granted citizenship to more than 200,000 Burundian refugees who had settled in the east African country since 1972. Enditem


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