Authorities in Tanzania’s north-western district of Karagwe have destroyed 45 hectares of marijuana fields, and seized 349 kilos kept in bags ready for markets.

The more is part of the countrywide anti-narcotics crusade, aimed at making the east African nation free from illicit drugs.

Godfrey Mheluka, Karagwe District Commissioner said that during the anti-drug campaign a total of 66 people have been arrested in connection with the cannabis in an area located on the western part of Lake Victoria shores.

He said among the arrested include village government leaders in connection with allegedly planting, using, trafficking and selling marijuana, something which is contrary to the Tanzanian laws.

Mheluka said that the marijuana farms were found in a very remote area close to Tanzania and Rwanda boarder.

“We’ve established that some of the village leaders were colluding with the unscrupulous people to transport the illicit drug outside Tanzania,” the official said, adding: “We are holding the suspect of drug users as some of them was founded having the rolls of marijuana.”

“This is a first phase of our operation, and it will be sustainable.”

Mheluka further said: “It is incredible that the arrested suspects admitted that they did so because they knew that there is no government in the district that can be arrest them, despite the presence of village government leaders.”

According to him, marijuana from the area is being transported as far as to Tanzania’s commercial capital, Dar es Salaam and neighboring Rwanda.

“We expected that the village government leaders could play their role of ensuring that they enforce the law, but instead they get involved in that illegal business.”

The war against drugs has currently becoming hot since when Tanzanian President John Magufuli asserted publicly the war against drugs targeting users and peddlers and those who gain commission from the business and ordered the legal organs to take part in the control of drugs. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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