It was quite amazing to me 18 months Aardvark. Before joining in June 2004 I visited Africa only a handful of times, twice to South Africa family holidays and one in Botswana and Zimbabwe, in 1999. Four more back and forth over the past year and a half re-ignited my passion for my favorite part of the world and helped me create some interesting and unique place for customers.

Kenya has been a fantastic experience, until a selected mass-market safari destination has proven to be interesting, small and personal, and camps in remote areas, given the very wildlife and away from the crowd. A trip to Botswana brought back many happy memories of my previous visit, and once again showed he is the number one place to look for a diverse and abundant wildlife unique environment. This year I’m in Zambia, who introduced me to some of the best guidance I have the experience and return to the safari camps of pounds of simple, great locations and personal hosting.

So, what could be imagined in Tanzania? Well, I had three weeks to try and see how much of the country as possible.

I decided to join the southern game reserve, Selous and Ruaha with traditional gaming areas in the north, the Serengeti, Tarangire and Ngorongoro and Tanzania to their personal “Big Five”. Add to that the island of Zanzibar and short-term visits to the smaller playing fields, for example, Lake Manyara and the Guardian had an epic journey. I even wonder whether it is the end of each of the places I visited, just melting into the general morass of memory, safari camps and national parks, but as it turned out this trip really inspired me.

Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania in the south, it was my first port of call.

I did not know what to expect. I had my mind images of volcanic peaks and craters and vast plains of grass, but he knew that it came from photos and movies I’ve seen in northern Tanzania. I’m in the south were an unknown quantity. What I discovered Selous wildlife paradise. This huge game reserve, the largest protected area in Africa’s wildlife abundant home game, elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, giraffe and more, plus many species of birds. My visit to the reserve center in the northern section, where the Rufiji River cuts through the land with less than 1,000 visitors a year, and only a handful of quality lodges and camps, Selous has won my heart. I toured for three days and during that time saw only three other vehicles. Good accommodation, good leaders, good game and a few visitors, Selous has the best ingredients of a safari.

Then I headed to the west of the Ruaha National Park. Unlike the low-lying Selous Ruaha is approximately 1000 meters above sea level and therefore has a different climate and ecosystem. Rift Valley, rear park is dotted with granite outcrops and countless baobab trees. Again, just some good quality service camps protected area of ??13,000 square kilometers. Greater kudu, more kudu, giraffe, and lions, with an unusual flavor – and it is not surprising, because there were so many. What I did not see all the other Safari vehicles. Where was the “hip” in Tanzania, told me that all about? Of course, I went in November, a quiet time of year, but in reality, the two major wildlife refuges will never get busy. So many expectations. Southern Tanzania blown them out of the water. To the north, I wondered whether the second half of my trip would be a shame.

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