Tanzania is on the brink of building another new natural and history museum which will be dedicated to document and showcase the country’s endangered flora and fauna. TanzaniaThe new facility is to be built a few kilometers from the country’s tourist hub of Arusha, Director-general of the Tanzania National Museum Prof. Audax Mabula said here on Friday when speaking at the opening ceremony of a wildlife photographic exhibition.
“This is part of the government’s initiatives to uplift services offered by the Arusha National Natural and History Museum, ” he said.
“At the new site in Burka area we have acquired about one acre of land, where we are planning to document more information on the country’s wildlife particularly species, which are endemic,” he said.
Under the new arrangement, the new museum facility will be equipped with a modern botanical garden in the area to showcase all endemic plant species, including those from the Eastern Arc Mountains and coastal forests, according to the official.
Apart from boosting the Arusha-based museum facility, the authority is also planning to set up a modern museum in Singida, central part of Tanzania.
“We are tired of seeing Tanzania’s natural resources are showcased in foreign museums, that’s we’re trying to come up with such plans,” he said without disclosing the time-frame for the project to start and its budget.
He called upon Tanzania’s private sector and development partners to heavily invest in strengthening museums because of its significance in preserving country’s heritage and tourism.
Lazaro Nyalandu, Tanzania’s Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, also expressed his commitment towards improving country’s museums so that flora and fauna are documented for the current and future generations. Enditem

Source: Xinhua



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