Speaking during a media orientation on Most Vulnerable Children (MVC), the Acting Deputy Commissioner of Social Welfare, Mr Filbert Kawemama, said that the start of a child helpline ? 116 had also been a contributing factor.

?We have already established child protection systems in 30 councils and trained them on how to prevent and respond to violence against children,? he said.

Mr Kawemama said that after accruing this achievement, the government was further establishing child protection committees at ward and village level which comprises of child representatives and heads of district departments.

He said that whilst he was aware that budgets were not adequate for effectively available for child protection, the need to use all available resources to rescue MVC.

?In the three years since the start of child protection systems, we have realised that children involvement is key to success to this Programme as well as working within the government systems and structures is essential for the sustainability of the programme,? he explained.

The Senior Social Welfare Officer ? Juvenile Justice, Mr Jonathan Tarimo, said that since the establishment of a pilot diversion and community rehabilitation projects in Temeke District, 150 juveniles had been rehabilitated.

Mr Tarimo said that in relation to that last year, Juvenile Court rules and child protection regulations have already been developed and submitted to the relevant departments.

?In 2012 the Ministry of Constitutional and Legal Affairs established the Child Justice Forum and currently the second juvenile court in Mbeya is underway,? he said.

MASEMBE TAMBWE, Tanzania, Daily News


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