climate change
Climate change

Tanzanian authorities on Thursday pledged to double efforts toward addressing the impacts of climate change that could derail efforts toward achieving its industrialization agenda.

Leonard Akwilapo, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, said one of the best ways of addressing the impacts of climate change was by increasing citizen’s engagement.


“The country will be able to attain its industrialization agenda if we act collectively in addressing the impacts of climate change,” he told the 4th Scientific Conference for the Geographical Association of Tanzania (GAT) in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam.

Akwilapo said citizen’s engagement would increase understanding and awareness on challenges of climate change, adding that accurate mitigation measures were vital in realization of the country’s industrial strategy.

He said climate change was an important aspect to the community in areas of agriculture, tourism and industrial development.

“Research informed solutions and citizen engagement will assist in the realization of the country’s industrial strategy,” he told the three-day conference that has attracted experts from Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

“This conference is expected to discuss climate change research findings in order to enable the government to formulate suitable policies in building industrial economy,” said the official.

Akwilapo said research findings were important in educating the public on the importance of mitigating climate change to increase the production of raw materials for local industries.

Evaristo Haule, GAT president, said stakeholders and experts would use the platform to discuss the importance of geography in mitigating the impacts of climate change in the country.


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