Tanzanian Immigration Services on Thursday gave a 30-day ultimatum to expatriates working in the East African nation to verify their work permits.

Samwel Magweiga, Commissioner for Immigration’s Boarder Management and Control Division, said the decision had been reached after realizing that some expatriates do not have valid work permits.

He directed employers and directors of various companies, organizations and institutions to ensure their expatriate workers adhered to the Immigration Act of 2002, which required them to verify their documents after acquiring work permits.

He said there were some expatriates working in the country, but after receiving work permits they could not return to immigration offices for verification.

“This is for security purposes. Expatriates must abide by laws and regulations of the country,” said Magweiga, adding that failure to verify in 30 days, legal action will be taken, including eight months’ imprisonment and fines.

In March, Tanzanian authorities ordered employers to present their foreign workers’ work permits to the labor authorities by March 24, according to a new law that required verification of foreign workers’ work authorization.

The authorities said after the March 24 deadline, the labor authorities will be conducting inspections to ensure that foreign employees possessed valid work permits.

Foreign employees will have to present their work permits for verification and those found to be working in Tanzania without a valid work permit may be subject to arrest, prosecution or a fine and deportation, they said.

Employers hiring foreign workers without a valid work permit are also subject to arrest and prosecution, added the authorities. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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