“We cannot progress with only 19 registered political parties while countries like Rwanda and Burundi have more than 60,” Mr Yussuf Mchenga, AFP director of planning and policy said on Saturday. He said that his party advised the Government and the office of the Registrar of political parties in the country to review the law regarding formation of a political party, to allow easy registration of political parties.

In its press statement, AFP argues that it is wrong to think many political parties are a waste of time, saying democracy in Tanzania where vying for presidency and MP is restricted to being a party member, can only flourish by having many political parties.

“We also ask the government to consider providing subsidy to all political parties, even those without seats in the parliament and House of Representatives. We need support to develop so that we can hold the government accountable for the growth of democracy,” he said.

The AFP leader said Tanzanians still need more freedom to form political parties, and that it was a disappointment that despite many (about 70) applications to the Register of Political Parties, only 19 have been approved to operate.

By ISSA YUSSUF, Tanzania Daily News


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