Helpers offload bad eggs ready for destruction at the Pugu dumpsite in Dar es Salaam yesterday. (Photo by Stella Nyemenohi)

The eggs worth 5.8m/- were destroyed at Pugu dump site for what experts said was a move by the government to save the public from consuming sub-standard stuff.  Veterinary Research Officer  Dr Samira Mora told reporters yesterday that  430 trays of eggs were seized in Ilala Municipality on Tuesday.

The owner of the consignment Mr Nassoro Choro failed to submit   documents to show its legitimacy. “We questioned him but he submitted documents showing that he bought the eggs from Mkiu Poultry Farm Ltd in the city, we came to discover that it was a forged document,” she said.

Principal Livestock Field Officer Pascal Petro told the ‘Daily News’ that Choro had obtained another ‘forged’ document showing that he was allowed  to transport 1,000 trays  for 30,000 eggs. Dr Mora  noted that inspectors were aware that many eggs are imported  into the country through Mombasa Port. Some are secretly transported  into the country through Horohoro and others via Namanga borders.

She said the Tanzania Food and Drugs Regulatory Authority (TFDA) had tested samples of the  destroyed eggs and confirmed that they were dangerous to human health. According to Dr Mora, the ministry had  forwarded Choro’s case to the police but the ‘suspect’ failed to turn up, prompting  Ilala Primary Court  to issue a permit for destroying   the eggs.

Public health specialists are cautioning against  the increasing trend of consuming too many eggs, saying under normal  circumstances only three eggs were allowed per month. “Today,  consumption of eggs  has drastically increased and  people  take even  two eggs a day, not  being aware of the high cholesterol content,” cautioned  recently Dr Ali Mzige, a former Chief Medical Officer.

By PIUS RUGONZIBWA, Tanzania Daily News


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