The government of Tanzania has launched a livestock master plan aimed at improving the sector and enable it better contribute to the east African nation’s economic growth, a statement said on Monday.

The statement, issued by the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, said the master plan has been financed by the International Livestock Research Institute and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Launching the master plan, Minister for Livestock and Fisheries Luhaga Mpina said if well managed, the livestock sector could immensely contribute to the country’s economic growth and create job opportunities.

Mpina said Tanzania has 11 percent of cattle in Africa, making the country the second largest after Ethiopia in the African continent.

“If well managed and protected, the livestock sector in Tanzania stands a better chance of creating job opportunities and contributing to the economic growth,” said the minister.

He said the master plan is aimed at improving the livestock keeping environment and creating friendly atmosphere for investments in the livestock sector.

Mpina said challenges facing the livestock sector in the country included lack of grazing areas, lack of vaccines for animals and importation of livestock products from abroad that has suffocated the local market.

He urged stakeholders in the livestock sector, including livestock keepers, traders and investors, to fully participate in the implementation of the master plan. Enditem


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