Bank of Tanzania
Bank of Tanzania

Tanzanian authorities on Wednesday launched an electronic system to verify residence permits for foreigners, in an exercise aimed at facilitating issuance of the permits.

Anna Makakala, the Commissioner General for Immigration Department, said the newly launched electronic (E-verification) system will facilitate issuance of residence permits to foreigners.

“The new system will also enhance control and monitoring of foreigners residing in Tanzania, and enable the government to keep proper records for use,” Makakala told a news conference in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam.

She said to access the new services one was required to log into the Immigration Department’s website and follow procedures shown in the system.

“The system is simple, and gives chance employers and foreigners with residence permits to verify their documents and see if they have been issued by relevant authorities,” said Makakala.

Makakala said the Immigration Department has now given a 90-day ultimatum to agencies and institutions to send details of their employees’ residence permits to any immigration offices near them, adding that legal action will be taken failure to do so after the mentioned period.

She said the launch of the system was in line with the changing technology and was aimed at improving immigration services in accordance with international standards. Enditem

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