Tanzania has started working on strategies geared to turn tanzanite mining site into a thrilling tourist destination.

Tanzania Energy and Minerals minister George Simbachawene told Xinhua on Thursday that the move is part of the East African nation’s efforts to diversify its tourist products.

He said that the mining site is popular because it is the only area in the world producing tanzanite — the bluish mineral, rich in calcium hydroxyl Sorosilicate belonging to the epidotic group.

“There are people who would be interest to visit the mining site and by doing so we’ll be telling the world that tanzanite is mined in Tanzania and nowhere else,” the minister said, citing some neighboring countries which have been branding tanzanite as it comes from their countries, something which is not true.

“I am sure once we turn this area into tourism, we’ll be receiving a good number of tourists who want to learn how tanzanite is mined,” Simbachawene said.

He suggested the need for the area to be conserved as it is to other wildlife sanctuaries in the East African nation.

“We need also to come up with a special body that will be tasked to conserve the area,” he said, directing northern Tanzania’s officials to work on the proposal and make the “dream” a reality.

According to him, Mererani mining site would provide room for tourists to understand the entire mining process in the area located 40 km from the tourist capital of Arusha — the gateway to the world famous game sanctuaries of Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire and Lake Manyara.

He also encouraged investors to invest in tanzanite as resources are very limited, expected to deplete in less than half a century.

During the high season of tourism in Tanzania (Between May and August), there are many tourists who visit the center right after they come from the national parks and game reserves. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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