The government of Tanzania on Friday denied reports by Kenyan media and social media that claimed that President John Magufuli ordered the expulsion of all Kenyans living at the Namanga border in the Tanzanian side last week.

Tanzanian President John Magufuli
Tanzanian President John Magufuli
The Kenyan media and social media reported last week that President Magufuli’s order resulted into skirmishes between Tanzanians and Kenyans which lasted for almost two days in the area.

A statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation said the news was false and was aimed at tarnishing the good profile of President Magufuli that has been set so far and the good image of Tanzania in general.

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The government of Tanzania requested its Kenyan counterpart to dismiss the falsified news, and instead the two governments concentrate on forging bilateral relations that existed between the two countries, said the statement.

“However, the Ministry of Home Affairs through its Immigration Department conducted an ordinary exercise to deport foreign nationals including Kenyans who live in Tanzania without resident and work permits,” said the statement.

The statement said it should be noted that one of the primary responsibilities by the Immigration Department of any country was to make sure that foreign nationals living in a particular country abide with immigration rules, laws and regulations.

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The government of Tanzania urged the media to stop spreading falsified information that might cause unnecessary inconveniences to citizens of the two countries, said the statement.

It added that the government of Tanzania was committed to collaborating with the government of Kenya in all areas of cooperation, including partnership projects in the East African Community for the benefit of all citizens in the region. Enditem

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