Deputy Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Mr Philipo Mulugo

Announcing the selection in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday, the Deputy Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Mr Philipo Mulugo, said that the number has dropped, compared to 36,366 students who were selected last year.

The figure is just 9.98 per cent of last year’s total 336,301 candidates who sat for the examinations; while in 2010 only 40,388 (11.5 per cent) got divisions one to three out of total 352,840 form four candidates that sat for the examination. According to the deputy minister, it was also established that 4,850 of the total 33,577 candidates who got division one to three last year have failed to make it to Form Five and technical colleges due to  different circumstances like failure to balance their combinations.

“This year, the government has allocated students in total 201 high level secondary schools, 61 for girls and 106 for boys where 17 of them are science- based, 64 arts including business and  commerce  while 120 teaches both science and arts,” he explained. Mr Mulugo said out of 21,622 boys who won the selection, 12,282, which is equivalent to 56.8 per cent, will go to science high schools while only 4,211 girls or 45 per cent made it to science high schools.

For those who will prefer joining private schools of their choices, they should immediately contact heads of the schools they have been posted to, who will also inform the ministry accordingly, he stated. “We call on all private schools receiving these students to notify the ministry on the number of the students they have received and their subjects for proper documentation.

All schools are required to be open by April 12, this year,” he noted. Education officers in all district, municipal and city councils have also been urged to make sure graduate teachers particularly degrees holders are deployed in high schools ready for the new academic season.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has admitted to have received an official request for all teachers in the country to take part in the National Population Census due for August this year. The ministry’s Head of Information, Education and Communication Unit, Ms Magdalena Kishiwa, told the ‘Daily News’ on Tuesday that modalities were now being studied on how best the teachers will participate in the exercise without affecting the academic calendar of schools.

She said that one of the crucial areas being studied is whether the time spent on the exercise will affect Standard IV and Standard VII pupils — and Form Two and Form Four students — who are expected to sit for their final examinations in September, October and November respectively.

“We will then be set to issue a statement on how best the census exercise will be conducted without causing harm to these students who will be preparing for their final examinations,” she explained. Already, some private secondary schools are reportedly arranging to meet parents over the matter after they were officially informed to release teachers for at least five weeks from August ready for the census.

By PIUS RUGONZIBWA, Tanzania Daily News


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