Southernmost state of India flanking at one point the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, and Indian Ocean, Tamilnadu is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the country. Wide range of landscapes, spending beaches, exotic hill stations, rain forests, and vast plains and above all; the golden shinny sea beaches, all contribute to the fame of the state as the heaven of tourism.

Rich History and Heritage

It is not the scenic splendor of nature and the climatic conditions but Tamilnadu is a favored tourist destination also because of its rich history and heritage. Great legacy of the Dravidians started from here only and spread all over the country. It has left lots of traces of highly skilled arts and architecture that has still been kept intact thanks to the combined efforts of the government and the people in the state.

Tamilnadu Cities

But that is not all about Tamilnadu.

It has also got a number of best cities in the country excelling in hospitality and all types of modern amenities for the people looking for them like delicious cuisines, parks, restaurants, shopping malls, spas, swimming pools, and so on. Largest of the major cities in Tamilnadu includes Chennai that is the capital of the state. Other major cities are Madurai, Coimbatore, Ooty and Rameswaram.

Tamilnadu Hill Stations

Among the best Tamilnadu hill stations is Ooty that is known as the “Queen of hill stations in the South and most visited in the entire country.

• Ooty, Kanyakumari, Maduria, Rameswaram, and Chennai with a number of other smaller destinations have contributed largely in making the Tamilnadu tourism flourishing.

• In fact, Tamlnadu tourism is the second largest tourism industry in India and has registered an annual growth rate of 16% per annum.

• Around 30 million overseas and 112 million inland tourists and travelers visit Tamilnadu every year.

Tamilnadu Temples

Tourism itinerary of trip to Tamilnadu will always remain incomplete without the visitor having glimpses of the great temple it has got.

Depicting the Dravidian architecture and culture, Hindu temples in the state are great tourist attractions. Major Tamilnadu temples are the Brihadishwara Temple in Thanjavur, Airavateswara temple in Darasuram, Hindu Temples in Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram, Meenakshi temple in Madurai, and Ranganathanswamy temple in Srirangapattanam. There are many others and most of them have a rich history and heritage. Mahabalipuram is the world heritage site declared by UNESCO and Rameswaram has the largest temple walking corridor in the entire world.

Tamilnadu is also the most urbanized state in India and many cities have a lot of temples and heritage sites for the visitors to explore.

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