As I stepped into the land of mythical legends, I realized that the enchanting state of Tamil Nadu truly deserves to be called the Land of Enduring Heritage, as every stone with which it is crafted tell the tales of the mythical legends and endless stories of time. Its marvelous temples, awe inspiring hill stations, magnificent monuments, ever looming forts and the never ending coastline will be some of the major draws that a Tamilnadu tour will encompasses. Not only this but even a jostling journey into the wild, a exhaustive yet enthralling trek and a visit to the bustling local bazaar will add on some more excitement to your trip to this place.

Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu

As I wanted to get best acquainted to this place, I got down on the roads, to explore the various Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu that included its famous cities like Cheenai, Ooty, Kodaikanal and the place where the land ends , the very famous Kanyakumari.

Tamil Nadu’s marvelous temples and awe inspiring hill stations, serves as the most fascinating haunts for the tourists that come to witness the charms that lie in this holistic place. Enchanting as it is, a trip to this place will never be a waste of time, it will though be the most worthwhile and engaging trips of all.

Tamilnadu Temples

Tamilnadu, also known as the Land of Temples, shares it space with almost 30,000 temples that are the most marvelous symbols of architectural beauty. The beauty that Tamilnadu temples embody is a living testimony to the glorious past of the enchanting state of Tamil Nadu, some of the temples that are known to be a thousand years old hold inspirational value to all the lovers of the art.

Some of the temples of Tamil Nadu that are worth visiting are the very famous Meenakshi temple, Chidambram , Rameshwaram and Kanyakumari temple. These temples are thronged by endless devotees round the year ,who come to pay their homage to this holistic place that holds spiritual relevance.

Tamilnadu hill stations

Tired from my overly hectic city life, I just desired to tuck away from the hustle and bustle for a while and finally made my way to the patches of Green nestled in the lap of Mother Nature, Tamilnadu hill stations, truly brought me back to life. Peering over the mountains I could easily witness the beauty of creation in the floating clouds, misty air, cascading waterfalls, lush green meadows and in the scattered growth of wild flowers. My trip to the hill stations of Tamil Nadu, namely Coonor , Kodaikanal, Kotagiri and Yercaud was truly celestial and like the numerous nature lovers, avid travelers and honeymooners, I myself fell in love with this place.

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