South Indian State of Tamilnadu has some most wonderful forts, palaces, temples, and exotic hill stations that easily attracts tourists and travelers from across the globe.

Tamilnadu as a tourist destination has a lot to offer for the visitors from across the globe as well as for inland visitors. Ancient forts displaying the glorious heritage of the past, palaces representing the grandeur of Rajas and Maharajas, modern cities, temples, as well as some exotic hill stations, all make Tamilnadu one of the exciting destinations for tourists and travelers.

Tourist Places Numerous tourist places are there in Tamilnadu. Most of the Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu have something for every visitor. Whether the visitor is a nature lover, or looking for all the modern amenities and wish for a shopping spree, visiting the state for religious and cultural feel of the state, or want to have an extraordinary feeling about the hill stations in Tamilnadu, he or she will never be disappointed.

Most of the Tamilnadu cities have hotels, resorts, and guest houses that offer all the modern amenities for the visitors.

Leading them is Chennai, the capital city of Tamilnadu that not only has all modern amenities available but also provides excellent shopping opportunities for them.

Tamilnadu Forts and Palaces

It was the British that established the first major fort in the State and thereafter also most of the forts were established by them. Fort St. George was the first forte established by them in 1639 and it is now the administrative office of legislative assembly of the state.

Other major forts in the state are Fort St. David, Fort St. Mary, Gingee Fort, and Udaygiri Fort. Similarly, there are a number of palaces in Tamilnadu that are major attractions for the visitors.

Tamilnadu Temples

Tamilnadu temples that are major attractions for the visitors include the Parthasarthy temple in Chennai, Lord Tirupathi temple, Meenakshi temple in Madurai, and temples at Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram, Rameswaram, and Kanyakumari. There are a host of other temples as well.

Tamilnadu Hill Stations

Invigorating climate, lush green environment, undulating slopes as well as highly rejuvenating atmosphere make Tamilnadu hill stations ideal destination for all types of visitors. Some of the fascinating hill stations in Tamilnadu are in the Nilgiri hill ranges like Ooty, Kodaikanal on Palani hills that are very famous. To add to these famous Tamilnadu hill stations there is also Vercaud known as “Poor man’s Ooty”, Coonoor, Yelagiri, Velliangiri hills as well as Kotagiri.

Recreation in Tamilnadu

Apart from the temples, hill stations, and other visiting places there are numerous other places of interest like exotic sea beaches in Chennai, Madurai, Rameswaram, and Kanyakumari for instance. Other adventurous activities could be trekking, golf, hang gliding, and paddle-boating at the great artificial lake at Kodai. The only support that the visitors, especially the new ones, require is a great service provider.

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