Tamara Ecclestone
Tamara Ecclestone

The 34-year-old heiress finally feels “ready” to have a second child with her husband Jay Rutland but she’s worried after a psychic told her she would fall pregnant with a boy because four-year-old Sophia, who is known as Fifi, is desperate for there to be another girl in the household.

Asked if she’s ready for another baby in an interview with the new issue of Heat magazine, she said: “For the first time ever, I am – and Fifi’s now started asking for a sister.

“We were in Switzerland and she asked me for a penny coin for the wishing fountain, she threw the coin in the fountain and she wished for a sister. There were tears in my eyes. I thought, ‘Right, I have to do something.’ But then a psychic told me I’d have a boy this time. That can’t happen – Fifi wants a sister. But Jay would love a boy.”

Tamara and Jay recently splashed out on a lavish bed for Fifi after she decided she didn’t want to sleep with them any more – but the youngster ignores her new “princess carriage” and still climbs in with her parents instead.

She said: “She asked for her own bed, so we got her this princess carriage one, and we put it in the bedroom, next to our bed, and she hasn’t been in it once. We’ve got a massive bed though – there’s me, Jay, Fifi and our dog Teddy.”

Fifi is now attending school and though Tamara initially found it “strange” not to always have her daughter with her, she’s now developed a new routine.

She said: “In the beginning, it was strange and the day used to go really slowly. But now the hours just fly by. I focus on my work and meet friends for coffee or lunch. I also go to Barry’s Bootcamp three or four times a week. I don’t weigh myself but clothes fit a little bit differently and it’s made me feel so much better within myself.”


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