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An architect?s impression of the project

A sod has been cut to commence work on the construction of three two-storey buildings ultra-modern market complex for the Tamale Central Market in the Northern Region.

Performing the sod cutting ceremony, the Metropolitan Chief Executive of Tamale, Hanan Abdul-Rahaman Gundadow, observed that the project would not only give a facelift to the central market and add to the aesthetic beauty of the city, but would also give renewed hope and opportunities to increase investment and grow the local economy.

The project, estimated at GH?1,093,900.79 ? which will house 40 stores each ? would be executed by Jorsung Construction Limited, an Accra-based contractor.

The mayor said the sod cutting was a prelude to many more good things to happen to make the metropolis an icon of development in the north, hinting that the two markets ? one at Lamashegu and the other in Kapkayili ? would also be considered for upgrading.

?I am pretty convinced that when we get all these things done, Tamale will become a better place for all of us,?? he assured.

Mr. Hanan Abdul-Rahaman Gundadow appealed to residents to eschew the habit of sabotaging development in the city in the name of politics and chieftaincy, noting that its repercussion affects all.

While some people in the city were doing all they could to bring about development, he added, some individuals or group of persons were also bent on destroying such good intentions which in the end affects the larger society.

A representative of the traders, Mr. Lamin Kasim, said the project was a dream come true as it had been their desire that the central market was given a facelift to befit its status as a metropolitan market, and hoped the construction would begin in earnest.

He observed that the new market would save them from the   unhygienic condition in the existing market, especially during the rainy season. He said the traders were ready to temporarily relocate to facilitate the successful construction of the market, and called on all the traders to cooperate to ensure a speedy completion of the project.

Mr. Kasim appealed to the authorities to give the original occupants of the stores the first option of ownership when the project was completed and hoped allocations would be done fairly.

Traders, businessmen and women, assembly members, representatives of political parties, chiefs and various stakeholders, attended the sod cutting ceremony.

From Stephen Zoure, Tamale


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