Ashraf Ghani
Ashraf Ghani

Addressing the joint session of parliament here on Sunday, the Afghan president said bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan would benefit all sides including Taliban.

Ashraf Ghani
Ashraf Ghani

“We are determined to achieve peace, lasting peace in our country and would spare no efforts to achieve the noble objective,” Ghani said.

“I am calling on Taliban to give up fighting and let us resolve our differences on negotiating table,” the Afghan president said in his speech.

Describing al-Qaida, IS and other extremist groups as the reason for the ongoing militancy in the country, Ghani said Taliban should prove they are Afghans and have no relations with terrorist groups.

The Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG), including Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and the United States, met on Feb. 23 for its fourth session, announcing direct talks between Taliban and Afghan government might take place in the first week of March.

Taliban however rejected the offer in a statement on Saturday, terming the peace efforts as meaningless and the armed outfit’s leadership has yet to decide on peace talks with the government.

The Afghan president warned that his country’s security and defense forces would continue to fight all those opposing the peace efforts. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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