Two persons have been arrested by the police at Winkongo in Talensi in the Upper East Region for possessing AK47 weapons.

According to our correspondent, the two were arrested when the vehicle in which they were using was accosted by security officials just as it was about entering the community.

The identity of the two are yet to be established.

Meanwhile voting is on-going in the Talensi Constituency where, about Thirty Nine Thousand 500 eligible voters are casting their ballot in 74 polling stations to elect a new MP.

Eight out of nine political parties are taking part in the by-election.

The Talensi by-election has been hyped as a dress rehearsal for the 2016 general elections.

The governing party is eager to trump up a win as there is evidence that it still has considerable advantage.

The opposition NPP is also anxious to clinch victory as a sign of an impending political tsunami in December next year.

The Talensi seat became vacant after the incumbent NPP MP, Robert Mosore was installed Paramount Chief of the area.

Source: GBC


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