?Insider?s revelation nails Akufo-Addo for defeat ?as NDC celebrate B.T. Baba?s another victory


Accusing fingers are pointing at the Flag-bearer of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo-Addo for the party?s defeat at the Talensi Parliamentary by-elections. He is reported to have sidelined certain key party members who could have made a difference in the election.

Speaking to the Republic Newspaper, a top member of the NPP who would not want to be named, explained that Akufo Addo?s decision to take control of all the arrangements of that election and sideline a personality such as Paul Afoko, the National Chairman of the NPP who incidentally hails from the Upper East Region where Talensi constituency is located, was a key reason why the election was lost to the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The by-election was forced on Talensi following the installment of the incumbent NPP Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency, Robert Nachinab Doameng Mosore as the Naaba of Tongo in the Talensi constituency.  The loss of that seat to NDC means the ruling party reclaimed its traditional stronghold snatched by the NPP in the 2012 general elections and an additional seat for the NDC in Parliament.

According to complaints picked by this paper from the disgruntled NPP members who are seething with anger over their resounding defeat in Talensi, the party knew way ahead of time that Robert Nachinab Doameng Mosore was likely to relinquish his parliamentary seat because he was going to be installed a Chief in Tongo, the capital town of Talensi.

The National Chairman of the NPP, Paul Afoko had therefore proposed that the party strategically plan and pick a candidate who can win the by-elections to replace their vacating Member of Parliament. Paul Afoko?s calls were said to have been ignored by Akufo-Addo and his loyalist who have rendered Paul Afoko irrelevant in the party following what they claim is his disloyalty towards Akufo-Addo.

? In Talensi, after the MP became the paramount chief, you will think NPP will know there was going to be a bye-election, therefore, preparations will begin to address that issue, but No, certain factions of the party, who have portrayed themselves to the public as the true NPP folks, behind closed doors, argued that it was not necessary for the Chairman and General Secretary to go to the Upper East to start grass root campaigning. To support this argument, they explained that there will have to gazette the chief first, therefore, there was time and no need,? the source explained to the Republic Newspaper

Indeed, this paper gathered that despite the lack of support for his suggestion, Paul Afoko and the NPP?s General Secretary, Kwabena Agyei Agyapong, tried to make some move to secure a formidable candidate in Talensi to replace the MP-turned-chief. The two were reportedly shot down because the Akufo Addo camp felt they were only furthering their personal interests in Talensi. The opposition developed into a violent confrontation between the two and the then Regional Chairman of NPP?s Upper East chapter, Adam Mahama. The now deceased Adam Mahama, a staunch loyalist of Akufo Addo was reported to have organized some thugs to attack Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong when they visited the Upper East Region for their prospecting for a suitable candidate.

The confrontation led to has now been claimed to be a retaliation from alleged loyalists of Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong; a situation that led to the death of Adam Mahama, after he was doused with a gallon full of abrasive acid.

According to our reliable source, the resultant division within the front of the NPP, impacted significantly on the outcome of the elections. During the heated campaign in Talensi, Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong, were visibly absent. In their place were known Akufo Addo Loyalists, such as Freddie Blay, the First Vice Chairman of the NPP, Osei-Kyei Mensah-Bonsu, the Minority Leader, Wuntumi, the Ashanti Regional chairman of the party and Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, the controversial nephew of Akufo Addo.

?These individuals do not resonate with the electorates at Talensi,? the source told the Republic Newspaper.

Meanwhile, further reports picked up by this paper indicates that the current National Treasurer of the NPP, Kwabena Abankwa-Yeboah refused to release badly needed funds to finance the mobilization tasks of NPP ?Foot-soldiers? in Talensi; rather the money was used lavishly on Akufo Addo?s entourage who supervised the elections in Talensi. They are said to have rented plush hotels and given themselves mouth-watering treats to the angst of ?Foot-soldiers?.

A group of pseudo-militia arm of the NPP in the Upper East Region calling themselves the Bolgatanta Bulldogs, complained about the lack of funds, a few days to the elections.

Commander  Ayikambey, the leader of the Bulldogs in a statement released on Monday, said: ? Monies meant to feed my troops are not forth coming. We have to fall on some kindhearted party leaders in the Talensi Constituency for support in our daily operations. When we enquired from the party hierarchy, we were told our national treasurer is not willing to release funds to  Chairman AFOKO and General secretary KWABENA AGYAPONG.?

? We members of the BOLGATANGA BULL DOGS are very disappointed in the leadership of our beloved party the New Patriotic party ? NPP with the way and manner they have handled our over all operations in the on going campaign to retain our Parliamentary seat at the Talensi constituency,? the angry Bulldog commander charged.

The NPP and the ruling NDC regarded the Talensi by-elections as very crucial because they believed it would be a defining moment for the fortunes of the two major political parties in the forthcoming 2016 general elections. They therefore mounted a spirited campaign in the constituency to reinforce their convictions.

While the NPP fielded Wuni Thomas Pearson Duanab-A former accountant at the Nsawam Government Hospital- for the seat in Talensi, the NDC chose Benson Tongo Baba, a former Director of the Ghana Prisons Service.

Shortly, after the results of the elections were declared, Mr. Duanab admitted that he did not have that much influence in the constituency like his main opponent, B.T Baba. In an interview with Kasapa FM, he said the NPP candidate said he did not have the support of ?influential natives? of Talensi, hence his defeat.

?My opponent had some opinion leaders, influential natives, who have weight here in Talensi on his side; the likes of John Tia [former Minister of Information in the NDC government] and the rest who had some level of respect which I didn?t have,? he told Kasapa FM.

According to our sources, if Akufo Addo and his loyalists who have seized control of NPP affairs, heeded the earlier advice of Paul Afoko, the party could have fielded a strong candidate who had the backing of ?influential natives? of Talensi.

Meanwhile, the NPP is convinced that the NDC only won the election through rigging and monetary influence used on the people of Talensi. Several NPP commentators have alluded to alleged bribing of electorates by the NDC, among other things.

The NPP also cited violent attacks allegedly unleashed by the NDC?s Azorka Boys as one of the major reasons why the party lost the elections. There were reports of sporadic gun shots during the election with both NDC and NPP executives reportedly targeted.

But the NDC has rubbished these claims, the National Chairman of the NDC, Kofi Portuphy in a press conference in Accra on Wednesday said the NPP should rather be blamed for the confusion that ensued in Talensi on Tuesday during the elections.

According to him, when the NPP realized its impending defeat, it sought to create confusion to provoke the NDC into lawless conduct and ?use any such confusion to hide their defeat?.

?Not less than 4 vehicles belonging to NDC officials were shot at and destroyed by the NPP thugs and hoodlums. Indeed, a Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Koku Anyidoho, whose convoy was nearly ambushed in front of the NPP party office, lodged an official complaint at the Talensi Police Station after managing to escape,? Kofi Portuphy told media men in Accra on Wednesday.

?If they thought they were going to be able to use the Talensi by-election to run a dress rehearsal for implementing their plans for 2016, they must be revising their notes by now as it is very clear that they will not be allowed to have their way and throw this dear country of ours into deep state of anarchy and mayhem,? the NDC national chairman warned.

Source: The Republic


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