More and more consumers are considering a villa holiday instead of a hotel holiday. Villas are quaint places of stay with a homey environment which is preferred. Hence, more villa owners are willing to enhance their villas and put them out as villa holiday escapades.


A villa holiday escapade refers to an adventurous holiday that some travelers would want where more explorations about the place and its surrounding sights of interest can be explored on their own without being restricted to time as with a tour group.

There is usually no villa holiday package offered by tour operators as it is the traveler’s personal preference with a personal agenda in their vacation endeavor. The vacationer would enjoy the fresh countryside or mountain sights from the rented villa which is usually close to some town.

A villa holiday encompasses the free spirit of the vacationers who wish to explore the place on their own without any fixed agenda.

A villa holiday is usually a leisure holiday for those vacationers who want to holiday outside the box; no tour guides, no packaged tours and no restricted movements. A villa holiday is a ‘free-and-easy’ holiday package that is best for the vacationers who want to discover a place on their own.

Villa attraction

A villa holiday is attractive as the villa provides a comfortable place of stay for an individual or small group. The villa contains all the necessary amenities that a hotel would offer except for room service and concierge; however, some of these services can also be arranged with the villa owner or operator.

There is a fully equipped kitchen where guests can cook simple meals and save some costs from outside meals throughout the villa holiday.

There is the living room with TV facilities to entertain the guests if staying in is preferred.

The garden is usually equipped with a swimming pool or barbeque pit for the guests’ enjoyment even though there may be a nearby beach. There is a lot of privacy with a villa holiday as the villa is usually located in an outer part of town.

Villas are usually part of the sights of attraction as most of them were built in past centuries. Many villa holidays
have been refurbished and furnished to upkeep their solid foundation and architecture while offering modern facilities for travelers who like a different type of holiday. City folks vacationers prefer a villa holiday anytime.

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