Summer breaks are approaching; do you want to go spiritual this summer? Well, what better place than Haridwar- a small city in free religion country of India? If you haven’t heard of this place before, there is all the more a reason to try and explore this one small holy city. Considered as one of the sacred holy cities in the country, it has a lot of mythological explanations attached to it. From miracles to mouth-gasping stories, it will bind you to knots. Try something different and spiritual this break, after all we must make the gods happy at some times if not all.

Sacred, holy, different and interesting to explore; Haridwar has a lot on offer. From temples galore to devotional-songs chanting, from aartis to holy Ganga River; it has so much on offer that you feel it’s an entire world within itself. Within all of it, if you are thinking that a small city like Haridwar can’t quite have good places to stay at, then you are wrong.

There are some heritage hotels in Haridwar that will make you wonder in amazement. Not anything like extravagant, these hotels make your stay worthwhile. The presence of god, of that superior being is evident wherever you stay in Haridwar. It makes you feel so complete, so much in connect with god; something you will love if that’s what you are looking for.

These heritage hotels in Haridwar have gained their name from the fact that they are present in the city for as long as mankind can remember, with some dating several decades ago. A complete package if I must say, these hotels will take you back into those times when luxury meant something else. Luxury had nothing to do with such worldly, material things but those that mattered to mankind, those that stay with him for a much longer duration.

There is however a class of these hotels. There are some hotels in Haridwar with tariff while some that don’t levy tariff at all.

I know it sounds a little odd when they say hotels with tariff in the holy city of Haridwar but what to do when everything today runs on such material things. But worry not because atleast it gets you close to the one Supreme Being in the world. With so many enigmas around this place, it’s a worthwhile visit for sure. Whether there are hotels in Haridwar with tariff or without them, what matters is that you actually get to connect with Him and wash away your sins, as they say according to the belief of people. Get going, get packing; Haridwar is full at parts of the year, so get yourself some advance bookings.

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