Love Indian culture, love the way Indians celebrate their festivals with vigour and passion? If the answer is yes, you must come to Allahabad- one of the main holy cities of Hindus.  Here like any other Indian city, you will find passionate people who celebrate and get entrenched in the colour of festivities. But what makes Allahabad different from other cities in India is the way you find religion surviving and engaging all. Allahabad is famous for its Kumbha Mela which is considered to be the biggest and the most engaging one out of all. In fact, in the year 2007 a report said that Allahabad saw the largest human gathering anywhere in the world. The number associated with that year was about more than 70 million people for the Kumbha Mela. So you can well imagine how popular it is amongst people all across the world.

You don’t have to be a Hindu to engage in this Mela.

You get to learn so much about Allahabad, its culture, its tradition and its most prominent religion-Hinduism, whilst your stay here. People from all over the world take cheap flights to Allahabad to experience this rare mix of spirituality and religion. To aid people in coming to the city, the government and other flying agencies have made transit possible between the city of Allahabad and others in the country. However for those coming from abroad have to come down till Delhi, the capital city of the country and then take flights to Allahabad. On their enroute, they take flights Allahabad to Delhi almost as a ritual.

Coming down to Kumbha Mela, did you know that the festival was organised every 12th year? It is sometimes even called the Maha Kumbha Mela or the great one.

This Mela is not just any festival but a very important pilgrimage means for the Hindu ascetics. Located on the banks of Ganges, a yet another symbol of purity for Hindus; Allahabad acts as a great platform for the Hindu ascetics and pilgrimages. Known to have healing powers and those to erode you of your sins, the river Ganges is itself visited all through the year by firm believers. This ritual has been given a sigh of breath for constant travellers with the incoming of cheap flights to Allahabad. Thousands of holy men and women throng the place during Kumbha Mela. These holy people have ash on their body as a sign of their practice of old traditions. Usually not adorning any cloth, these men are called ‘Dhigambers’. Once these festivities get over you can easily take flights Allahabad to Delhi and catch your respective international or domestic flight. Experience spiritualism in Allahabad.

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