A Wells Fargo savings account is your better strategy to set up place financially when you are trying to save lots of up for something unique. You’ll manage to open up a separate account so that you can put money away for a down payment on a house, your child’s education or other things that you may have in mind. When you start looking at the different types of savings accounts offered at Wells Fargo you’ll see three different ones: the Way2Save account, the Money Market Savings account and the High Yield Savings account. Here is a brief explanation of each one of these accounts which you can use to help decide which one would be best for you.This Wells Fargo savings account can be opened for $100 or for $25 if you set up an option for automatic savings with them. The service fee will be waived if you’ll be able to maintain a balance of $300 minimum or set up and still maintain a reoccurring automatic savings alternative. Another nice thing concerning this savings account is you need to use it for overdraft protection on your checking account. Access to mobile banking is also available as is on the internet access to your account.When you open up a Money Market savings account for best savings account interest rates you can actually write checks on the account. An account may be opened with $100 and the service fees may be waived if you maintain a regular balance of $3500 minimum or transfer at least $75 per month from one of your other accounts along with Wells Fargo. This account can also be used for overdraft protection for your checking account and you can view your statements as well as balances on the web from around the globe. Mobile banking is also set up for this account.You’ll have the best savings account interest rates whenever you open up one of these high yield accounts. You’ll require $25, 000 as a minimum deposit and if you maintain this amount being a daily balance the monthly fee for services is going to be waived. As well as the other features which can be listed above for the other savings accounts, you’ll get access to a unique program for tracking as well as setting your savings goals.You can’t go wrong by opening up a Wells Fargo savings account listed above. All of these accounts tend to be customer driven and Wells Fargo is well known for its excellent customer care. When you should start conserving for some thing special or just need to have some money put away for a rainy day, this is the bank you could rely on to help enable you to get there.

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