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South African President Cyril Ramaphosa hailed by the National Assembly

South African president expected to focus on the economic crisis at SONA

As South Africa's economy is still in the doldrums and numerous companies laying off thousands of workers, experts said President Cyril Ramaphosa should prioritize...

Union’s threat to shut down mining to devastate economy

The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union's (AMCU's) threats to shut down the mining sector could be disastrous for South Africa's economy, expert warned. AMCU...

South Africa’s Economy Suffers Heavily Over Power Cuts

Persistent loading shedding has hard hit the South African economy, costing billions of rand every day, the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) has said. "Load...
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South Africa’s economy in danger of sovereign downgrade

One of the more critical challenges facing the South African economy is the prevention of a sovereign rating downgrade to sub-investment grade, Minister in...

Nepad Business Foundation issues statement on Xenophobic attacks

Statement made by Lynette Chen, CEO - NEPAD Business Foundation Africa against Xenophobia/Afrophobia South Africa is one of Africa's most culturally diverse nations with 11 official...