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Travers take a tour of the Mara, image courtesy: Mara Serena Lodge

Give Yourself The Best Road Trip Ever

How time flies! The holiday season is back with us, it’s just the right time to start planning the season, and avoid last minute...
Selfie moments

2017 Labor Day; Staying lucid with these six points

How time flies! With Easter gone, it’s time to shift goals to the next weekend break -Labor Day. Set to celebrate and recognize workers...
Kilimanjaro climb

Top Essentials For Mountain Climbing

Despite being marked as an extreme sport, mountain climbing can be a highly rewarding and fun experience, especially when done right. Nothing however can...
Hiker Road

Flash Packing or Ultralight Packing; Six Tips you’ll Need on the Road

Backpacking as a model of travel attracts a manifold of interpretations depending on an individual’s experience, or as described in travel journals. However, one...