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Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Janelia With Her New Afrobeats Single

This is Janelia, just a quick invite to checkout my new Afrobeats single??Sexy Nana?.? Leave me a comment and I?ll be sure to reply...

Much Anticipated Video For ‘Sexy Nana’ Drops

Following the release of the catching and highly infectious tune back in the month of January, the Young D produced "Sexy Nana" by well-endowed...

Janelia drops music video for Sexy Nana

Janelia drops the much anticipated music video for Sexy Nana but there are 2 of them. The video was shot in Dupont Circle in...

More From Sexy Nana On Vals Day

Wishing you a happy Valentine?s day. Below is a free download link to my new single "Sexy Nana". For all my fans out there...
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All About Janelia?s Hot New Single, ?Sexy Nana?

As buzz continue to grow on the streets, radio airwaves and online about Janelia?s hot new single, ?Sexy Nana?, produced by Young D; Janelia...