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Lenovo finally gets global smartphone presence

China?s Lenovo finally has the global smartphone presence it has craved, finalizing the purchase of Motorola Mobility from Google for $2.91 billion.Motorola?s offerings...

Motorola is trying to make a Goldilocks phone once again

Just like the first?Motorola Moto X, 2014's version by the same name strives to be a design-it-yourself handset that hits the sweet spot in...

Motorola is pinning its hopes on a new line of smartphones

Motorola is pinning its hopes on a new line of smartphones to be released this year. Gotta Be Mobile?is reporting the past two weeks have...

Hunting For Jobs The Modern Way

When we were kids, we were told that if we learned hard enough, we were going to be rewarded with a good job when...

Moto G device arrives in Ghana

Mr. Ugo Ebi launching the device on  a projector Motorola, internationally acclaimed mobile phone producer of many years standing, has launched the ?Moto G?...

Motorola in search of local partners

Motorola has pledged to commit more resources into the operations of its business partners in the country in a bid to expand its market...

Comparison of Two Giants: Motorola Droid Maxx HD Vs iPHone5

The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD has Screen Enhancers,whiles the iPhone5 has larger memory lenght width of memory   Source : Youtube

2013 Will Be A Year Full Of Technological Innovations.

According to many forecasts, 2013 will be full of innovations and exciting gadget releases. One of the much rumored handsets that should see the...

Motorola Atrix HD Gets Android 4.1 Software Update.

The Motorola Atrix HD is getting its chance to bite into Jelly Bean according to AT&T.The Android 4.1 software update is available immediately for...

Motorola RAZR i The Newest Smart Piece.

i If you?re getting a serious dose of d?j? vu, we?re right there with you. The RAZR i is a version of Motorola?s Droid RAZR...

An Unfulfilled Pledge Of A CEO Sparks Anger.

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside is under fire for an abandoned pledge to update three 2011 phones to Ice Cream Sandwich. Doran Else bought his Photon...

Motorola Set for Big Cuts

Motorola Mobility, the ailing cellphone maker that Google bought in May, told employees Sunday that it would lay off 20 percent of its work...

Motorola Android Device Import Ban Takes Effect Today

Microsoft scored a win against Motorola back in May, with the ITC ruling that the smartphone manufacturer had violated an ActiveSync patent on its...

Google buys Motorola for $12.5 billion!! (Still not satisfied)

Google has announced its acquisition of Motorola’s mobile arm for 12.5 billion dollars, a sum which marks the largest Google acquisition thus far. News...

Motorola wins Xbox ban in Germany

Microsoft could be forced to recall and destroy its products if Motorola enforces the injunction Microsoft could be forced to recall and destroy its...