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Peter Sarsgaard forgets to iron his shirt

Peter Sarsgaard looked rugged as he sported a bushy beard and tousled hair at the 'Lovelace' premiere at London's May Fair Hotel. The actor...

Amanda Seyfried is chic at Lovelace screening

Amanda Seyfried was stylishly buttoned up in a blue polka dot dress at the 'Lovelace' screening at London's May Fair Hotel. Opting for a...

Amanda Seyfried doesn’t think porn should be blocked.

'Lovelace' actress Amanda Seyfried, who portrays porn actress Linda Lovelace in the new film, disagrees with plans to block internet porn in the UK.   The...

Peter Sarsgaard struggled with the violent scenes in ‘Lovelace’.

'Lovelace' star Peter Sarsgaard admits he found it tough filming violent scenes with Amanda Seyfried in the new biopic and tried not to think...