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drama festival

Sovi teaches Ewe History through folk drama

The chiefs and people of Sovi, a suburb of Afife in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region, have instituted an annual folk...
Diary recorded by invading Japanese soldier Yoshio Sugano from Dec.13 to 20, 1937. Photo by Liu Junguo from People’s Daily

Nanjing Massacre: The Real Picture of Events

“Part of those captured were shot dead along the Yangtze River on the 16th.” “The rest of the 10,000 people were killed on the 17th.” Those...
Ghana’s Parables Productions

Parables Productions Brings Animated Characters To Live

Ghana’s Parables Productions has become notable for it’s celebration of Ghanaian folklore, through animation. The company has given families avenues to bond over wholesome entertainment...