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Bigger eyes Chinese frastrated

Chinese women who are entering South Korea seeking skilled plastic surgeons are undergoing such transformative procedures that they are struggling to get past airport...

Sepp Blatter is a mafia running FIFA?

Sepp Blatter Veteran sports anayst and CAF committee member Paul Bassey  has revealed  how likely FIFA ban on Nigeria will immediately affect it?s football, says...

All Nigerians vow to give Boko Haram out

The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) of Bayelsa on Tuesday urged the Federal Government to adopt a proactive and drastic action against sponsors of...

CAF needs reforms says Sports Director Abia

Abia State Director of Sports, Ejikeme Ikwunze, has asked the AfricanFootball Confederation (CAF) to introduce "drastic reforms?? thatwould bring positive change to football in...