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Politics of Disdain is Killing Africa

Years before democracy, chieftaincy ruled in most parts of Africa. The hierarchy from the top to the down was the revered structure in which...

Re: Ebola Exposes The Disdain Of The West For Africa

?Blaming others for insurmountable problems is a form of psychological therapy that helps humanity to get through life?s difficulties. They function, predominantly, as a...

Hypocrisy Is Appropriate Not Disdain

By: Nana Akwah I have a healthy disdain for hypocrisy. That is exactly the response I sought to portray. Despite the fact that many of...

PPP Worships Idols-Kofi Adams

Kofi Adams The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has noted with disquiet, a statement issued by the Progressive People Party (PPP) in which they cast...