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Palestinian government deplores Israeli “confiscation” of thousands of acres in West Bank

The Palestinian government deplored Israel's confiscation of thousands of acres of Palestinians' lands near northern West Bank city of Nablus on Thursday. ...

Zambia arrests 21 poachers amid crackdown

Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) Public Relations Officer Sakabilo Kalembwe said the 21 poachers were arrested in a game management area, Chikwa-Chifunda, in eastern Zambia's...

Ibori?s Sister, Christine, in Court as Assets Confiscation Hearing Begins

Christine, a sister of former Delta State Governor James Onanefe Ibori and about six other well wishers are currently at the Southwark Crown...

NACOB confiscation and matters arising

Mercy - PNDCL or Act 236 seems to empower police upon a request by an authority (say the AG) to search and seize assets...

Useni?s assets were confiscated wrongly-Lawyer Odjemu

A former FCT minister, retired Lt.-Gen. Jeremiah Useni, on Wednesday in Abuja asked the Code of Conduct Tribunal to compel the Federal Government to release...

?Guns Are Bad!? CounterThink Cartoon Reveals Hypocrisy of Govt Gun Confiscation Schemes

While the U.S. government is desperately attempting to disarm the American population by rolling out Adolf Hitler-style gun control, it is simultaneously arming itself to...