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Madagascar flag

Chinese artists stage spectacular show in Madagascar

Chinese artists from Shenzhen Arts Company staged a spectacular show here for a Malagasy audience on Monday, with applause and laughter filling the hall...
Members of the Hungarian National Ballet perform "Swan Lake" during a dress rehearsal at the Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest, Hungary, on April 21, 2015. (Xinhua/Attila Volgyi)

Nigerians applaud excellent Peking opera show

A large auditorium in Abuja, Nigeria's capital, was filled to its brim when a group of Chinese artists staged a Peking Opera show there...
AFP/File / Kena Betancur A painting by Frida Kahlo, 'Two Nudes in the Forest (The Earth Itself)', has been sold in New York for a record $8 million, the highest price yet for any work by the iconic Mexican artist

Dakar to host international art festival

The festival, which has been dubbed "54+1-Renewable Energy for the Future" to symbolize the 54 African countries and China, is aimed at consolidating cultural...