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Cameroon and Nigeria Join Forces in anti-graft campaign

Cameroon and Nigeria have begun seeking ways to collaborate to fight corruption in both countries, according to officials of Cameroon's anti-graft body on Wednesday. Officials...

China unveils its excellent anti-graft record

Since Xi Jinping was elected as General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee at the 18th CPC National Congress in...
Li Zhi, a farmer from a formerly impoverished household of Pingdu, Shandong Province, harvests her scallions. She now has an annual income of 20,000 yuan. (Photo by Tian Dafang from People’s Daily)

Anti-graft determinations give rise to China’s poverty relief work

China has benefitted from its increased efforts in cracking down on corruption in poverty relief work, further cementing the country’s remarkable accomplishments in poverty...
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Anti-Graft activists worry over electoral corruption on Ghana’s democracy

The coalition made their views known here at the launch of a report titled "Reducing Abuse of Incumbency and Electoral Corruption in Ghana's 2016...

14 Tanzanian judges to be trained for special anti-graft court

Mohamed Chande Othman, Tanzania's Chief Justice, said the judges will be trained at the Institute of Judicial Administration at Lushoto, Tanga region. ...

Kenyan business Community to improve integrity through anti-graft drive

A research by Ernst&Young on private sector bribery shows that high fraud levels are found in 27 percent of managers in Kenyan businesses. ...