The need to develop channels for disseminating messages and thoughts on peace has become a strategic tool in promoting the tranquillity to seek to achieve.

posterHayford Tenkorang Boadi, popularly known in the music fraternity as T Kay (Mic Tuner) is a High Life, Hip Life, R & B artiste, song writer and performer, sound producer and Executive Director of Hot Mix Records. He strongly believes and advocates for promoting good values and peace through the art of music.

His motivation to veer into the promotion of peace through the art sterns from the fact that the art of music can be a tool to disseminate information to all and sundry at different ages and levels of education and social status.

T Kay in his maiden peace work defines freedom to be free without any form of discrimination whatsoever. He further adds to this that threat to peace is threat to generational posterity and productivity. Threat to peace is threat to the livelihood of the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalised in the society.

Touching on his lyrics, the “Save Your Nation” peace song advances the view that the peace we seek is embedded in ourselves. The prosperity we look to established lies in the power of our unity. He further adds that peace and love is paramount to community development. Ethnic diversity he saidshould fuel the rich cultural heritage of Ghana. Occupational diversity should be a key tool to fuelling national growth and productivity. In one of his lines, he posits that forgiveness should not be too expensive agift to give out to enhance harmony and tranquillity.

In his final submission T Kay (Mic Tuner) admonished all and sundry to do all they can to promote, demonstrate and maintain the enviable peace we have enjoyed over the years as a nation. He said “I entreat journalist to be true and accurate with their submissions; social media fanatics should careful with the posts they share and are quick to like; politicians should be lovers of the peace and prosperity of the nation and not themselves.

T Kay, musician, song composer and sound producer of “Save Your Nation” peace song strongly believes that the wheels of music can be the riding vehicle for Ghanaian during this electioneering year and beyond in the promotion of peace and unity in Ghana. You can please click on the link below to download the song.

Source:T Kay (Mic Tuner)

Hot Mix Records


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