Hugh Masekela (right) in a pose with Kofi Amoakohene, CEO of Scratch Studios

Syncos music is a music genre that originated from Ghana and was initiated by a label known as Scratch Studios.

It is the synchronization of the rhythm of the traditional Ghana Adowa with the rhythm of other music genres.

It contains elements of afro jazz, afro rock and afro beat. The usage of the ‘Atumpan’, a traditional musical instrument, part of the Fontomfrom drum orchestra and the Gankeke, a sort of cowbell, to vary and maintain the tempo is an integral part of the rhythm.

Syncos Music is the synchronization of the ‘soul’ in African traditional rhythms with the ‘soul’ in other musical spectra to form one beautiful world melody. Syncos music maintains its cultural authenticity whilst embracing and encompassing change and expansion into the contemporary mainstream musical expression.

In a cultural sense, Syncos music is more important than just music, in that it is an audible and living representation of Ghanaian history, philosophies, ethics, spoken literature, moral values and social code of conduct, religious beliefs, political thought and aesthetic principles coupled with the emergence of a global village 

Syncos focuses on music with its cultural authenticity from Ghana, embracing change and bringing attention to a community grossly unrepresented and also offering something unique yet broad to the different media outlets into the mainstream contemporary music.

 Kofi Amoakohene, Chief Executive Officer of Scratch Studios and  Global Professional Achievers Award winner for entertainment, Teddy Osei of the world renowned Osibisa group and Hugh Masekela are known to be the pioneers of Syncos music.

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