Generally, politicians and those in the corridors of power are
believed to live a life of indulgence and abuse. They survive by
covering up their tracts or using the pegs and trimmings attached to
their offices to prevent their misdeeds going to the public domain.
Threats and intimidation which they sometimes make good are tools they
use in whipping whistle blowers including the press into line.
Sometimes, they run out of luck as what they do in the dark gets to be
seen and known on the housetop. That?s exactly the case with the
chilling, gory and somehow thrilling revelation of Comfort and Maria
(not real names) who earlier on worked with Akwa Ibom State Ushering
Group as Ushers. That group stinks with allegation of sexual pervasion
not known in recent history and Akwa Ibom State government can only
save its face if it calls for an immediate probe into what happens at
her protocol department with a view to punishing the culprit(s) and
restoring sanity and decency there. As news of the scandal is
filtering into public ears, some of the ushers have resigned their
offers while others have been hounded down believably for revealing
the longstanding secrets of the group. ?Comfort resigned her offer not
long ago. She came with a confession on the workings of the group
which is controlled by a former ace radio presenter and anchor of a
fan-commanding history programe which ran Sunday evenings in one of
the radio stations in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Capital, (name withheld by
us). Comfort in a down-to-earth, no-hole-barred manner, tells stories
of sexual orgies, lesbianism, group pervasion and lastly, sex
ritualism performed on most innocent girls in the ushering group by
the man whose brilliance and sense of time, history and encyclopedia
has at various times got him a place in Aso Rock and Akwa Ibom State
Government House. ?In this report, our sources take us into the inner
circle of the ushering group and reveal its most dark secrets. It
tells the story of how one man has allegedly condemned the future of
hundreds of innocent girls and turned them into sex slaves. That not
all. ?The indulgence, according to our informant, has occultic
interpretation as well as the rituals performed on the greedy but
willing accomplice. ?Lastly, it reveals how state funds are lavished
by an individual in the most criminal manner.

As earlier promoted, we publish for your reading and information,
extracts with little moderation (in italics) from the confession of
Comfort, (not real name) a former member of the Akwa Ibom State
Ushering group.

Solomon Johnny, Editor-in-Chief, Global Concord Newspaper, Uyo, 08021075555



I have decided to come out to the whole world with this story because
I believe it can save the life of one innocent girl. If the ones in
the group are beyond saving, at least, I hope that this confession can
act as a warning to those innocent girls outside, who are constantly
recruited into the Ushering group to meet the demand for more souls.
Parents must be watchful over their children and beware of sudden
wealth by little girls who were sent to school, or God will hold them
accountable for the fate that befalls their children.

I joined the ushering group late last year, (2011) hoping to
augment my income. The money was good, and since my benefactor had
passed away, I saw it as a way to help relieve the burden on my
mother. ?We were more than 40 girls or there-about at the time. During
that event, I made about N350, 000.00. I had never seen that kind of
money in my life, I thought it was God-sent. We were later taken to
the man’s house in Abak, called Arbark Cort and where given alcohol,
and all manner of things. We danced and partied the whole night. From
that day, my life changed.

Then our group leader, named Rodar (not real name) started taking us
to the man?s ?house located on Unit A?, Ewet Housing Estate which is
the centre for most of the atrocities. Initially, nothing happened. We
just go there dance, the man will encourage us to get drunk, eat and
by the next morning he pays us between N20,000 ? N50,00 each. From
12midnight, the house was always filled with women, young and middle
aged; married and single. ?Then I would just go, but I noticed that
most of the girls never left the house. The girls called themselves
house-mate and the man Big Brother. The frequency of going to his
house started increasing. He lavished expensive gifts on us, started
sending us abroad, some girls would go to Ghana, others South Africa,
some to Dubai and others to London. We lodged in the most expensive
rooms of big hotels, Francis place, Le Meridien, when in Uyo and the
most expensive hotels whenever we are going outside Uyo. In one of the
hotels we lodged, I was surprised to see that one of the suit we
stayed in cost over N250,000.00 per night. I thought I was in
paradise. We were given blackberry phones, Ipads, laptops, anything
money could buy. All we had to do was just ask, then do as he wishes.

Back in Uyo, things started changing. The frequency of going to his
house started increasing, the money we made doubled. In fact, at a
point, some girls where making more than N500,000.00 a weekend. Then
the dancing changed. More girls were being constantly brought in. Most
times, when we get to his house, we had to be naked, dancing and
drinking naked. Imagine the site of so many girls naked, drunk and
dancing. The money was tripled at this point. For the sake of the
paper, I will not describe the gory details, but we started having sex
with him, each of us and all of us every time, group sex and sexual
orgies was everywhere. There is no member of the group that does not
participate at different degrees and I am not different. New girls
were constantly brought in to join, even married women were part of
the fun. Stories of Lesbianism started making the rounds in the group.
The man will bring in lesbians from outside the state to entice us to
practice it.

He celebrates birthdays for each of the girls. In fact, the things
that happened during the birthday celebration of one of the girls
Comfort, (name real name) which took place in his house at Abak would
make decent people to vomit. Some of the girls, to gain additional
favours, would quarrel; fight each other in order to gain his

Money was never a problem; he constantly told us we could make more
money if we behaved. ?We had so much money to spend. Some girls bought
cars and others opened shops. Then I lived like a real big girl. I
could buy anything I wanted.

It was during this time that a friend invited me to church. I am not
really a church type, but I think God wanted to open my eyes. While in
the church, the prophet came to me and asked me to see him after the
service. I have never met this man before so I was curious. I went to
see him the next day privately and when he saw me, he just stared at
me for over 10 minutes without saying a word. I became uncomfortable
and wanted to go out. Then he started speaking. The first thing he
said was: ?what does it profit a man if he gains the world but loses
his soul?? He continued: ?someone is taking your star and your future.
You have been initiated into the occult kingdom and you need the grace
of God to break from that bondage?. He told me things about the man
that I had never imagined or taken note of. He described perfectly
well the things I did while in the group. He went as far as to tell me
that because of our sacrifice, the man?s rank has been increased in
the occult world. He even described the changes in furnishings in his
house and the significance of each item.

I want our young girls to be aware of this people. Most especially, I
want parents to have the strength of character to resist easy money
brought home by their young children who were sent to school so that
they can properly advise them about the dangers.

If they say it is a lie, I will happily produce the videos I recorded
with him in it, with the dates and the times, in his house here in


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