The unseasoned language describes it in this language;?eating deep into a deep shit.? It?s one of the most cautioned-on acts but it seems to out-sweet the mess it can create. It?s nothing but the men?s bait SEX. This deed has evolved into another error among its pre-matured enjoyers and its nothing but the hell captivating MASTURBATION. Actually it is the only wrong form of sex that produces the same wave of pleasure on the mind as sex itself. It is the act of stimulating genitals with mostly the hand or perhaps dildo for pleasure. This vice is known by other names such as self love, self pleasuring and others. It?s kind of surprising to find this act recurring in adulthood because this is an act naturally characteristic of childhood. Well maybe as the days grow older men are now learning to grow backward.

The battle of religions with this moral insanity makes it quite obvious that this headache is very depraving. On one hand plainly in the words of founder of Christianity he assures us in these words ?ye have heard that it was said of old, Thou shall not commit adultery: But I say unto you That whoever looks  on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart? Matt. 5:27, 28. On the hand Imam Ahmed cautions ?And those who guard their private parts save from their wives and those (slave-girls) which their righthands own ? so there is no blame upon them. Then whoever seeks beyond that (which is lawful), they are the transgressors.?? (Surah Al-Muminuun, Ayah 5 and 6.) Masturbation is frowned upon by the two main religions yet it keeps on spreading among the youth more than any other sin. Is it that this moral vice has no adverse effect that is why men keep on become slave to this it? Keep your eyes wide open.

It?s more addictive than normal sex several number of times. One will hardly be able to stay without this sin when he or she falls into its pit. Masturbation works just as addictive drugs works. Sexual addictions are in fact self-induced drug addictions. The chemicals our bodies release during sexual arousal create the same effect on the brain as drugs. Repeated masturbation reinforces a brain chemistry loop of addiction. (Exposing Porn: Science, Religion, and the New Addiction, Paul Strand.) It will also create a neural pathway by which we will be turned on. It becomes quite a problem in responding to partners need if culprits go into a relationship. We become self lovers than mutual sex benefiters. As addicts we will learn to serve the sex need of the body by over indulging this appetite. It wastes great resources of time and energy hurting the health.

Also we get to be mastered by this sin making our spirituality something else. It therefore makes our body an instrument of sin making us feel very often as if salvation were so far away from the doors of our heart. Masturbation molds your mind into the world?s pattern of thinking: The world?s pattern is largely based on lust. Masturbation rehearses lust in our thoughts and reinforces it with physical pleasure. Using pornography or recalling sex memories while masturbating further ingrains the world?s pattern in our thoughts. Some speculate that masturbation releases tension just like the original goal of sex. They add that people who masturbate are less likely to suffer to from prostate cancer. Then I guess we have run to the hospitals and offer the ill this therapy. These and many others are the wrappers the devil use in packaging this evil.

How do we unhook ourselves of this evil? First understand that you are an addict and pray for help both physically and spiritually. Pornography addicts can hardly quit masturbation. To be able to quit this, quit porn first and you will begin hate this sin as time goes by. Movies full of seductive scenes should be ones first class enemies if he wants to quit this sin. We have to, like Job makes a covenant with our eye. Don?t get on the computer unless someone is there nearby. If you know you?ll be home alone, don?t even turn the computer on. Plan something to do in place of surfing the net. Learn to feed your mind with good stuff and it will always make you the good guy.


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