Why would these sexy women want a sex change? The answer is: because they are not women.

The Miss Trans Brazil beauty pageant contest consists of men who live and dress as women.

Many of them have not yet removed their male private parts.

The organizers of the beauty pageant contest caused controversy after they offered a sex change operation to the winner as the prize.

Brazilian law prohibits sex change operations, so the proposed procedure would be performed in a hospital in Thailand.

Thailand hospital representatives were present at the event.

However, the organizers explained that the winner can use the gift certificate for things other than a sex change operation.

The winner will receive a voucher that can be used at the Thailand hospital for services, including a sex change and cosmetic surgery.

28 contestants participated in the Miss Trans, which was held at the Joao Caetano Theatre in Rio de Janeiro.

The event was sponsored by the government?s Social Assistance and Human Rights Department as part of a campaign to combat homophobic violence in the country.

The winner, Raiica Ferraz, 21, of Sao Paulo, who works as a hairdresser, chose to have cosmetic procedures done to make her face more feminine.

Ferraz will not have a sex change.

?I don?t need a sex change. I already feel like a woman. I have been taking hormone tablets since the age of 17 to create my curves and increase my bust size, and I am really happy with the results,? Ferraz said.

Majorie Marchi, contest organizer and an activist, said there is a need for affirmative public policies inclusive of transsexuals, and until that is achieved, they would make themselves very visible and hard to ignore.


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