The hi-life music community gets a new addition as Swiit Hanni debuts his first solo music titled ‘Naa Adjelle’.

The singer who used to be in a group with the late Terry Bonchaka has the hi-life music blood in him as growing up he used to listen to great hi-life music by the old folks but nevertheless Swiit Hanni is very versatile.

Talking about his late coming out as a professional musician,  Swiit hanni noted: ‘it has not been easy but I believe everything has its own time and I feel the time is now’.

He maintained: ‘I have been underground for 17years, sometimes I ask myself when the dream will start but thanks to Almighty God, Ubeats, Cedis, among others the journey of a successful career has started’.

‘Naa Adjelle’ talks about the soul of love, representing the love I have for music by attributing it to a sweet lady called Naa Adjelle’, Swiit Hanni added.

Don’t be deceived Swiit HAnni as the name sounds is not a lady but a male artiste with the sleek voice like a lady hence he had the name from friends who thought he is very humble and nice to hang out with.

“Naa Adjelle” as a single by swiit hanni is out, the song can be download on sound cloud, also listened to on radio HItz103.7fm, Y107.9fm, plus the other stations and the video can be watched on Youtube including television from Multi TV through to free to air stations.

In these days were good Hi-life music is had to come by due to the current trend, Swiit Hanni has broken that vow and is out with a better Hi-life music, get a copy and listen to it.

Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/www.18newspaper.com


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