From right Amadu Mohammed, the Director of Achievers Book Club, Regina of Tech Needs Girls, The Crown Princess of Sweden, Victoria Ingrid Alice D?sir?e, the Swedish Minister of Trade, Ewa Bjorling, the Swedish Ambassador to Nigeria, a representative of Tigo and a Director of Tigo Reach for Change.The residents of Maamobi, a suburb of Accra, hosted Princess Victoria Ingrid Alice D?sir?e, the Crown Princess of Sweden and a 15-member delegation including their Trade Minister, last week.

The august guests were in the country to observe for themselves the activities of a local NGO, Tech Needs Girls, who have been working with the Achievers Book Club.

The latter has lifted many a young girl from the bosom of poverty to a new pedestal of hope.

Achievers Book Club is the concept of Amadu Zulkarnain Mohammed, who is also a nominee of the MTN Heroes of Change 2014.

If there is ever a heart-warming moment for those behind both NGOs-Tech Needs Girls and Achievers Book Club, it was when they hosted the Swedish royalty in the bowels of Maamobi where girl-child is a challenge which is being fought tooth and nail by the aforementioned NGOs .

In a chat with DAILY GUIDE, Mr Zulkarnain said for him changing the lives of otherwise hopeless girls and removing them from the claws of poverty was a source of great excitement.

?The recognition would inspire me and my colleagues to work even harder to support the down-trodden in society to become useful citizens in the country,? he said.

Achievers Ghana


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