IGP Kudalor, inspecting a parade of police officers in Bolgatanga..png21068
IGP Kudalor, inspecting a parade of police officers in Bolgatanga..png21068

For some time now, many of our comrades have left us to the next world so painfully after they have been attacked and killed by armed robbers.

IGP Kudalor, inspecting a parade of police officers in Bolgatanga..png21068
IGP Kudalor, inspecting a parade of police officers in Bolgatanga..png21068

Now it appears that the new modus operandi of these criminals especially armed robbers is to ambush, attack and kill policemen and women to cow us into submission, so that they can have a field day. But no! We ain’t given up on our oaths to fight and defend our motherland come rain or shine. Either by day or by night with all our strength and with all our might now and forevermore even at the peril of our lives.

So help us God.

But, should we just say because we have sworn oaths to defend our motherland we should die just like that?

Whilst we keep asking for the right tools, weapons, communication gadgets and accoutrements to do our work, let’s consider the following in the meantime;

Let’s always endeavor to stay alert on duty especially on escorts, bank guard, bullion escort, snap check points and so on.

Your weapon handling should always be on point. If you have any problems with any weapon, drop it at the amoury before it disappoints you when is needed most.

As much as possible, try and learn unarmed combat skills if you were not taught during your training.

If you can’t fight with your hands you can run with your legs. Avoid the knife if you can’t stop it. Don’t get near the bullet if you can’t dodge it.

For those who drink, always ensure that your drink don’t interfere with your duty hours. This will help you to “know what time is it” so that you can react effectively to save your life and that of others.

Always go to work with clean eyes.

By staying off drink during your duty tour, you will also be in the right frame of mind to know the condition of your weapon at all times during your duty.

Don’t sleep during escorts as this could reduce your reactivity level and could expose you to extreme danger as you may be taking unaware in case of an attack.

Always stay safe so that you can go to work tomorrow again.

Do not trust everything you see or hear during your duty tour, some are meant to distract you or lead you into an unwelcome compromise which could be costly and life threatening, just be careful.

Things are not what they appear to be. Do not take too much risk in protection duties because it is not the same as doing business, it is about life and death.

Do not engage in unnecessary conversations whilst on escort duties. Always keep your eyes on the road and look out for dangerous maneuvers that have the tendency of putting your live in danger.

Always be focused, smart and sharp. Avoid social media, calls and playing games on your phone. If is possible, always leave your phone on but unattended in your pocket.

You should be as close to your weapon as as you will do with your wife in your bedroom. Under no circumstance should you surrogate your weapon to anybody on escort or any duty.

Cork and save if possible to increase your reaction time by cutting down on the processes leading to releasing a shot.

Always make sure you are armed as per taught. Right gun, right ammo, right vest.

Always have an exit strategy in case of danger either on escorts, bullion, intercity bus or vip protection. Know where to exit in case all efforts to stop an attack fails.

Robbers will always kill when the robbery doesn’t go according to plan. So always study the anger progression levels of robbers to see if they are loosing their cool or becoming too aggressive.

Do not look directly into the eyes of your attackers as this could annoy them.

Always go to places with your head sitting firmly on your neck. If you cannot do something tell your commander to teach you.

Always use your number six anywhere you go.

Always remember that nobody has ever died twice.

May God continue to protect us and grant the departed peace.

Mohammed Abdul Hanan EL-Saeed
Chiraa Police Station
Sunyani District/BA
[email protected]


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